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Since breaking into the Business in 1979 our name has been recognized as the most dependable Construction Company in our field. We’ve provided clients with a wide range of supplies for all their needs. Whatever you have in mind, our professionals work to bring your dreams to life. 


With all the respect and gratitude to the late Eng. Salah Saleh who has been the torch that lit the way since 1979, our year of establishment up till now and for years to come.

We, the family of Modern Structures & Equipment still remember and follow his attitude of enjoying what we do to keep and improve the very high standard of quality and discipline that we are known, in all aspects of jobs we do.

We thank you very much.


M.S.E. development and growth have been the result of the many major Egyptian national projects executed by us. Our target now is to extend our area of operation beyond borders.

Our development is the fruit of strong efforts of our people, along with the maturity of the management in all the fields we penetrated as a company targeting excellence in performance to reach the highest quality and power to execute the biggest jobs available in the market.

The sound willingness, belief and study to improve, develop and grow made us keen to do research and study the newest technologies and apply them through continuous training of our technical and managerial staff.

When I look to M.S.E. today, I can assure that this competent mixture of solid corporate structure, this strong technical side and the philosophy of constant diversified growth have turned us to a successful company that always looks for continual improvement.

Chairman & CEO

     Amr S. Saleh

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