Construction Division


Construction Division is mainly specialized in Marine works, Civil works, Deep foundation works, sheet piling and piling works, they have the ability and the power to execute different types of works depending on their trained personnel and their Equipment.

Marine Works


M.S.E. can execute different construction methods in Marines which varies according to the consultants design, and the main scope may be using:

1- Cellular Cofferdams constructed by Flat web sheet piles.

2- Linear sheet pile wall constructed by Z or U-shaped sheet piles.

3- Combined wall constructed by sheet piles and tubular piles.

4- Piles with pile caps constructed by tubular piles.

And other ideas since the engineering progress has no limit.


Other secondary tasks that assists to complete the Statical system as:

1- Wailing beams and tie rods.

2- Concrete Works.

3- Earth works.

4- Bollards & Fenders.

5- Electromechanical works.


- Execution of the Marine works can be onshore or offshore.

Sheet Piling Works


These works are executed by the pitch and drive method to acheive mainly one aim, which is a retaining wall.

Retaining wall using sheet piles is a perfect solution for excavation from one side, or using a double wall of sheet piles with anchors between for more stability to work as a cofferdam and sometimes drainage system is used.

Sheet piles of Z or U types are types are used in these works.


- Execution of the Sheet piling works can be onshore or offshore.

Steel Piling Works


These works are executed using Tubular pipes and driven by the driving equipment, perfect alignment and verticality during installation and driving is the M.S.E's goal which is regularly monitored and easily acheived.

M.S.E.'s Fleet of equipment are able to install and drive tubular piles of different diameters and lengths.


- Execution of the Steel piling works can be onshore or offshore.

Slope Protection & Embankment stability


Slope protection works are executed also using sheet piles, or another technique which is widely used as Installation of rocks and concrete blocks, Installation of rocks and concrete blocks may be to construct a breakwater, or to form causeways, or groins..etc.


Embankment stability is executed using piling rigs to install Concrete piles.


- Execution of the Slope protection works can be onshore or offshore.

TurnKey Projects


M.S.E. have the ability and the power to execute Turnkey projects, Supplying all the materials according to the specification and the standards, and providing all the required resources to execute the job on time.

- Execution of these projects can be onshore or offshore.